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USDA Mortgages in Alabama and Mississippi

Alabama and Mississippi home buyers and homeowners in search of an affordable, zero money down mortgage option may want to consider a USDA Loan from GoPrime Mortgage, Inc. With a USDA Rural Housing Loan, eligible borrowers can take advantage of up to 100% financing for the purchase of a home in a qualified area.

To be eligible for USDA financing, both borrowers and the property itself must meet certain criteria. Because USDA Loans were designed to help increase access to homeownership in less developed areas, they are only available to homes located in USDA-approved zones. Check with your real estate agent or mortgage lender to determine if a home is eligible for USDA financing.

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Florence, AL USDA Mortgages
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Why Consider a USDA Mortgage?

  • 100% financing
  • Up to 6% seller paid closing cost
  • Closing cost can be financed if appraises for more
  • 30 year fixed rates only
  • Primary residence only
  • 620+ FICO credit score
  • Minimum 2 trade lines with 12 months history
  • Income limits vary by county
  • No maximum loan limits
  • Requires upfront and monthly mortgage insurance
  • Property must be in USDA eligible area
  • Required inspections: water test if private well (no other inspections unless noted by appraiser)
  • Any safety issues noted by appraiser must be cleared prior to closing
  • Escrow for repairs allowed for non-safety issues noted by appraiser

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