4 Tips for Getting the Best Interest Rates in the Tri-Cities

While there are many considerations involved with choosing the right mortgage, obviously one of the forefronts in your mind is going to be looking for affordable interest rates. Following are some tips to help you find the most competitive rates available to you in the Shoals.

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  1. Go into the mortgage process with a competitive borrower profile. Before you begin your mortgage shopping process, check and make sure that your borrower profile is as competitive as possible. If there are any last-minute steps you can take to raise your credit score or reduce your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, do so before submitting your applications.
  2. Check whether you are eligible for programs which help reduce mortgage rates. There are several government-insured loan programs which can help to keep mortgage rates low even without perfect credit. See if you are eligible for an FHA loan, USDA loan or VA loan. Here at American Pacific Mortgage, these types of mortgages are among my top lending products.
  3. Work with a mortgage professional who knows the area. Instead of going with a nationwide mortgage company, consider picking one which is based in the local area. I have been living in Alabama my entire life and have more than 19 years of experience connecting customers with the most affordable mortgage rates in the Tri-Cities housing market.
  4. Choose a company that puts your needs first. With many big mortgage companies and nationwide banks, the top priority is to turn a profit. But what the priority should be is to work hard to make sure that the needs of the homebuyer are met. I strive to see to it that your mortgage is one which you can afford now and over its entire term.

American Pacific Mortgage Is Here to Help You Get Competitive Rates

If you are tired of searching high and low for the most competitive mortgage rates in the Tri-Cities, American Pacific Mortgage is here for you. I have had the pleasure of helping so many homebuyers over the years to move affordably into new homes in the Shoals. I hope that you will be the next customer I connect with the ideal mortgage. Please give me a call at (205) 495-0313 to schedule your consultation.