Home Loan Options in Alabama and Mississippi

In today’s economy, choosing a home loan may appear more daunting than ever. This is why it is even more important to partner with a local, knowledgeable lender like Jerromy Downey.

If you are looking to purchase a home in Alabama or Mississippi, he is here to support you through the process. Jerromy and his team assure you that you will receive timely and personalized communications through each step. He understands that sometimes it is difficult to navigate what loan amount is right for you and figuring out interest rates can be nerve-wracking – that’s why he explains the process in a way that’s easier for you understand and feel informed.

Whether it’s your first time shopping for a home in Alabama or Mississippi, or you are a seasoned homebuyer, Jerromy and his team have a proven, successful track record of helping our clients. He will work with you to learn your unique financial and personal situation to ensure that he finds you a loan that fits your needs.

Jerromy’s demonstrated history closing loans in Alabama speaks for itself as many clients return or send their family and friends as referrals. They provide the same quality level of service in both Alabama Mississippi and have become very familiar with the homebuying landscape within both areas.

American Pacific Mortgage is transparent with any fees, so homebuyers are empowered through a smooth and meaningful transaction. Jerromy has experience working with many loan programs including FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, and Adjustable Rate mortgages. However, his services don’t stop once the loan closes. He will remain a resource for you if you ever have any questions, are ready to move again, or are considering a refinance. It is his goal to assist you in making a purchasing decision that you are comfortable with, and go confidently go to the closing table.

How We Can Help You

Jerromy will walk with you from the day you initiate your application all the way to the closing table. Aside from working directly with Jerromy and his team, American Pacific Mortgage also offers loan center assistance 24/7 where you can:

  • Apply anytime, anywhere, and rest assured we will streamline your application
  • Attain online approvals and information regarding cost
  • Complete your application for a purchase or refinance according on your schedule
  • Estimate your payments with our interactive mortgage calculators
  • Check mortgage rates, and set a personalized quote

Finding the Mortgage that Fits You

When you decide to purchase a home, you are working towards gaining stability, security, and building your wealth. You are investing in your future, and not just financially. Jerromy and his team will work with you to secure an affordable mortgage by offering a wide array of home loan options as well as develop a personal relationship with you to understand your goals before recommending anything.

FHA Loans
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans are government backed and allow buyers with a lower credit score to purchase a home with less of a down payment than a conventional mortgage. FHA loans are often a great option for first time homebuyers.

VA Loans
Veterans Affairs (VA) loans are partially backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs Program. These loans are available for active duty and retired servicemen and women, as well as their spouses. A VA loan offers a lower-interest, zero down payment mortgage that is designed to make it easier for our veterans to achieve the dream of homeownership.

USDA Loans
A USDA loan is designed specifically for individuals with lower income, as they require little to no down payment for those who plan on purchasing a home in a rural area. This program was designed to help revitalize rural areas through a low interest mortgage and is one of the least known government backed programs. While it is a popular choice for many first-time homebuyers, this loan program can also be used for current homeowners to move to a new area.

At American Pacific Mortgage our goal is to connect our clients with the home loan program that is right for them. You are not just a client; you are a valuable relationship. Jerromy’s position situates him with the opportunity to serve his community and help others to find their home.

Reach out to start a conversation about what your goals are and how American Pacific Mortgage can help you to achieve them.